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The FishTrail Project

Find out more about fishing in these places

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What is FishTrail?

The FishTrail project works by breaking down barriers to transnational angling tourism. The present situation is that there are a number of problems that need solving:

  • Language – For visiting anglers, language and interpretation can often be an obstacle, particularly when information is only available in one language format.
  • Legal – Each member state of the EU often has different and varied fishing licence and permission requests. This can make it difficult and baffling for traveling anglers to understand what necessary paperwork is required before fishing. These items may often prevent more extensive angling and inhibit anglers from booking trips once in the country.
  • Lack of knowledge- There is frequently a poor understanding of the fishing available in some countries and often there are large potential assets that are not utilised extensively due to poor communication and promotion.
  • Sharing the experience – At present, there are few formats for people to share their experience of fishing. Of the formats available, few are co-ordinated and are often not useful for other visiting anglers.
  • Sustainable – Society demands much from our landscape (food, minerals, drinking water, transport etc.). Many of these activities have secondary effects, such as soil erosion or pollutant run-off, which negatively impact the natural environment that fish depend on. Numerous recreational fisheries have seen a decline across Europe due to environmental damage.

What will FishTrail do?

  • Language –FishTrail will tackle this by ensuring multilingual guidance is available to help bolster transnational angling across Europe.
  • Legal – For each country involved, FishTrail shall provide a ‘Fish Planner’, which will be made freely available across the network to fisherman so that they can clearly understand which licenses and permits are required to allow them to fish.
  • Lack of knowledge – FishTrail shall help to deliver five ‘fishing access plans’ and twenty-five ‘short videos’ to help shed light on the fishing available. These will also go into more practical details about which techniques are best and when to fish etc. A lack of confidence from visiting anglers when attempting to fish a new area can often inhibit their success and how much angling they do. Therefore, these plans should provide them with encouragement and self-assurance that they are using the right approach.
  • Sharing the experience – FishTrail proposes to improve this feedback by allowing fishermen to ‘Tell the Tail’ after their fishing experience. This will allow them to freely communicate their thoughts and excitement, and more importantly, provide useful information for new anglers who have not fished the area. Anglers will be able to provide the feedback in the format of video’s and streaming audio, which can be made available on websites and social media.
  • Sustainable – The angling methods and locations promoted by FishTrail will be environmentally sustainable, without over- exploiting natural stocks or causing pollution or degradation of the natural environment. By improving access, publicity and proper usage of these natural resources, we increase their value, whilst at the same time improving the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the fishery.

The FishTrail will become a network that grows in value and usefulness to anglers and angling businesses after the end of the project, by means of continued usage of the website, videos, and a growing list of publicly available angler tales.