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A season at Fyn

As I’ve been chasing sea run brown trout on the shores of Fyn for decades, I believe what appeals to me the most, is the diversity and accessibility of the shores. The three main isles of Fyn, Ærø and Langeland basically offers you some 1100 km of fishable shoreline, where you – at any given time – got a chance of outsmarting a local sea trout. Year around, too! Surely, the seasons change throughout the year, but the angling is available all year around. At these trout isles you’ll never find some stretch of shoreline, which is completely off: Mostly you can park close to the water – on public roads – and have full access to your ‘beats’. All of which are wadeable. If you visit here in, say April, it just up to you to figure out on which type of shoreline the trout are feeding: Shallow flats or deeper outer reefs? Nevermind, I’ll spill it out: In April, the trout are everywhere. However, January is a complete different story.


Torben Jensen, seasoned local saltwater angler.