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Denmark Angler’s Tails

Too Much to Choose - At the isles of Fyn, Denmark, can be found so many saltwater angling location for sea trout, that it can be more than difficult to choose which ones to fish. For me personally it is important to have a wide variety of locations to choose from. In this way, I can target the sea trout […]
Fishing for Everybody - One out of many good things about Fyn, is that no matter what direction the wind is blowing you can always find a spot for catching a sea trout. The sea trout fishing is for everybody, and many of the sea trout spots are accessible, and it is very easy to find information about the fishing. […]
Sea Trout Guide - 360 degrees’ trout-territory for all 365 days of the year! Angling for sea trout / sea run brown trout is in a class of its own. And nowhere like the isles of Fyn can deliver as massive angling-experiences for you to bring home. You can encounter the sea trout all along the shores of our […]
A season at Fyn - As I’ve been chasing sea run brown trout on the shores of Fyn for decades, I believe what appeals to me the most, is the diversity and accessibility of the shores. The three main isles of Fyn, Ærø and Langeland basically offers you some 1100 km of fishable shoreline, where you – at any given […]
The Ease of Fyn - The shores of the island of Fyn has it all: Reefs – flats – fjords – the rocky outer shores – lots of exciting little islands …. all the delights within a max. 1 hour drive, almost wherever you are on the island. Actually, it’s sometimes a bit of luxury problem for a saltwater trout-angler!   […]