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UK Angler’s Tails

Autumn Grayling on the Tamar - Well autumn has stamped its mark, the leaves are dropping on mass and making the last few weeks of salmon fishing a touch frustrating. The trout season has come and gone, the trout season on the whole was fairly good, but all is not lost, there’s still a lot to look forward to, Grayling fishing! […]
A Cornish Indoctrination – WRT - I’ve been dipping my toes and a line or two in rivers, stream, seas and oceans for most of my life. Mostly a holiday pursuit but as incomes grew in my twenties, weekend excursions from the big smoke took me around the country and very occasionally abroad. My fly fishing renaissance came quite late after […]
Angler’s Tail – Alex Parker - I started Sea Angling around the age of 11 years old around 1964. My first recollection of angling was with my father, he was not an angler in fact had never fished in his life, having purchased my first fishing rod & reel, not having a clue what to buy.  We set off to a […]
Angler’s Tail – John May -   I have fished the Bristol Channel for more than 50 years, since my teenage years , following  an initiation on the local Bristol Avon and local ponds during my school years. One lifetime hobby – “affliction” – according to my good lady that has given me great enjoyment and company. My first freshwater fish […]
Angler’s Tail – David Rowe - Teignmouth, Devon My earliest memory of fishing was angling with my late Dad from the age of six or seven at Teignmouth. I started sea angling in earnest from the age of ten and this continued until I left school, on leaving school and home, I pursued other interests as a student apprentice with a […]
The Fear - The night my hands don’t shake when I tie that fly to the leader is the night I stop fishing for sea trout. For the quiet few, this is what our waters do best; quiet because it’s a largely solitary pursuit and hot spots are spoken of in hushed tones only between close friends, if […]
A tale of Five Rivers - 5 Rivers, 5 Days and a Bicycle I have been on a journey. My journey didn’t involve any emotional celebrity rollercoasters, teary confessions or soft rock ballads associated with the fashionable sort of Journey with an upper case J. Mine involved a couple of booklets of Westcountry Angling Passport tokens and a 150 mile cycle […]
Angler’s Tales – James T Madsen - Some of my fondest earlier memories of fishing are with close family. My father introduced me to sea fishing when I was five years old, we would fish together along with my younger brother Andrew and Dad’s brother my uncle William. Often fishing from some pretty rugged rock marks in Clevedon, Andrew and I were […]
Anglers’ Tales – Mike Bailey - Brixham Sea Angling Club, South Devon Post war Liverpool was the unlikely start of my passion for angling.  Yes, as children we played on the mountains of rubble created from the bombed out remains of buildings, and experienced the austerity of food rationing.   However, I lived right on the fringes of the city boundaries, and […]
Anglers Tales – Dave Saunders - Dave is skipper of ‘Kellys Hero Charters’ operating out of Brixham, Devon, England. I started sea angling with my Dad when I was about 10 years old, but I was on the water  from the age of 12 kayaking on the Thames. My earliest memory of fishing is landing my first conger of around 20 […]
Angler’s Tales – Mike Spiller - Honiton Sea Angling Club, Honourable Secretary – Wyvern Region of the Angling Trust marine group My earliest fishing memory is of rock pooling on Beer beach, around 1965 ish, trying to catch or net anything in the pools. I started sea angling proper with Beer and District Sea Anglers as a junior around 1973 because […]
A Wild Fish Of A Lifetime - A moment on the West Dart I have loved Dartmoor since Kate, then girlfriend now wife, and I had spent happy days tramping the moors in the 80s, with me wistfully starring into the depths of the Dart from bridges, boulders and stepping stones. Nick, Johne and I had been planning a day on Dartmoor […]