Anglers Tales – Dave Saunders

Dave is skipper of ‘Kellys Hero Charters’ operating out of Brixham, Devon, England.

I started sea angling with my Dad when I was about 10 years old, but I was on the water  from the age of 12 kayaking on the Thames. My earliest memory of fishing is landing my first conger of around 20 lbs. when I was 10!

Torbay is the main stay but I’ve also done lots of fishing in Australia and New Zealand. If I get the chance I will fish anywhere! My favourite local species for the table would be Channel Whiting – delicate white flakes of meat with a delicate taste to suit. Followed by Red Gurnard another underrated fish that is just great to eat. In the Bristol Channel one of my most improbable like was smoked mullet. My favourite mark is Top Secret and I would have to shoot you if you gave away that information….!

Fishing in Devon is a lottery, you just never know what you are going to catch, and this is what made the transition from the Bristol Channel to the south coast such a joy (I moved my business several years ago, so have experience of both areas).  Every angler these days wants to catch the elusive Bass, however due to recent legislation we are unable to keep any, and for that reason I do not target the Bass anymore, as a person who catches his dream fish doesn’t always want to put it back.

If you’re visiting the area then the best advice is to always check out the local tackle shops for the latest catch reports and advice on which tides to fish.

Having worked in industry up until 1999 it was time to have a change in lifestyle so we purchased a Charter Boat and haven’t regretted it yet! Meeting great people from all walks of life and from all over the world. My only regret is not being able to control the weather…. Being a Charter Skipper, angling means putting food on the table and money in the bank, without customers we would not be in business, always treat the customer the same way as you want to be treated and hopefully they will return..

Angling goals? Big question. Tto ensure that we leave a lasting impression with everyone we have introduced to Sea Fishing be it a pensioner, child or a hardened angler, if we can put a smile on their face and a meal in their stomachs. We have achieved a friend for life. They are hooked.

Remember It’s Fishing NOT Catching.