Angling & Shark Trust

  1. Angling Trust minimum sizes:
  2. Shark Trust Angling Recorder:
  3. Shark Trust shark handling guide:


I like the entry. It´s like a dream, the opportunity to have a good time in contact with nature

Swanage Fish Festival 

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West Virginia Trout Unlimited

Stockbridge Annual Food & Craft Festival

Annual Lake Trout Festival Events

Michigan Brown Trout Festival

Rainbow Trout Music Festival

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Snowy Mountains Trout Festival

South Korea


Sea Trout Fyn

  1. Main platform:
  2. 117 angling locations:
  3. Where to stay / accommodation:
  4. Environment & sea trout:
  5. Angling regulations on Fyn:

Municipality of Figueiro Dos Vinhos

Aljia Project

Go Angling