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Ireland – South Kerry Development Partnership

South Kerry Development Partnership Ltd. is a local development company based in the South West of Ireland. Our aim is to work in partnership with the people of the region to develop the economic and social vibrancy of the region thus maximising the quality of life for all residents. Tourism and farming and amongst the main economic drivers in the region which has many dispersed small villages and towns.

The landscape is wild and beautiful, bordered on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and on the other by a mountain range featuring Ireland’s highest peaks. This rugged landscape is woven with many rivers and streams that provide some excellent fishing for salmon, sea trout and brown trout. These rivers vary in size from spate rivers’ that are at their best in terms of fishing after a flood after rain to the larger waterways that are kept at relatively even levels through the constant water feed they get from their associated lake systems. Many smaller lakes are also to be found in the mountains across the region that are home to some very sprightly brown trout that are wary and need careful approaching in order to tempt them to take a fly.

The region does attract good numbers of visiting anglers from across the UK, Europe and beyond but significant opportunities exist to develop the angling tourism business in the region generating much need economic benefits and job opportunities.

SKPD would like to use the Fish Trail project to enhance the co-operation between the different angling groups across the region and to create a Fish Trail that will help showcase the wonderful angling that is available in the region. We also hope to showcase the diverse angling across the region through creating an angling festival that will provide participants with the chance to experience unique and different angling conditions.

We hope that by enhancing the links with our partner areas we can find new, innovative ways to maximise the numbers of visiting anglers that will come and enjoy the different angling experiences our regions offer.