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Sea Trout Guide

360 degrees’ trout-territory for all 365 days of the year! Angling for sea trout / sea run brown trout is in a class of its own. And nowhere like the isles of Fyn can deliver as massive angling-experiences for you to bring home. You can encounter the sea trout all along the shores of our isles, and they are present in vast numbers for both fly- and spin-fishermen. Here you won’t find world-class trophies, but a large population of trout of an good overall size, which many anglers travel far to encounter, especially at spring and fall. The isles of Fyn are the epicenter for anglers loving saltwater sports fishing, as the sheers geographical contour of the isles will present near perfect weather conditions for all styles of angling.

Niklas Albrechtsen, works at Go Fishing tackle shop at Fyn &